Google AdWords: Like Playing The Lottery

Google AdWords: Like Playing The Lottery

The phrase “dollar and a dream,” is all you require, to get a dream, according to the TV commercial. The lure of Lottery is attractive that you can bet on the equivalent of a dollar and be a millionaire forever. The promises to “pennies from heaven” makes the Lottery an everyday occurrence for millions. Customers visit convenience stores each morning to purchase a newspaper, coffee and an entry ticket to the lottery.

I have seen the same type of enthusiasm and unrealistic dreams in Google AdWords advertisers. Why? because they were told they could “strike it rich” with Google Adwords. It’s no help that Google pasang togel online has made it incredibly easy to start with the pay-per-click service. All you require to have is “five dollars and a dream!”

Google does not promote this message, obviously. But for the majority of advertisers, it’s an extremely risky proposition. Can advertisers earn money using Google AdWords? Some do, yes. But the majority of marketers could just also spend their funds with lottery ticket sales.

Are Google AdWords to blame for the many advertisers who lose cash? It is dependent on your point of viewpoint. Are lotteries responsible for the people betting and losing funds?

According to me, my answer to these of these questions is yes or no. They would never admit it however their primary function is to encourage people to bet. Let’s face it, they’re not a lot of fun. The reason they exist is because of them. If no one gambled there wouldn’t be lotteries.

Lotteries do exist, and they’re hidden in the shadows of legislation and the idea their money raise will be used to fund education and other worthwhile initiatives, and for the majority of cases, it is true.

But, it’s also the case it’s true that many people are living in poverty and who are spending money they cannot pay for lottery tickets. People are enticed, because , as the commercial on television mentioned, it’s only one dollar. But, the dollars can start to pile up quite quickly, especially when you’re paying ten or twenty dollars in lottery ticket tickets.

It’s similar to Google AdWords. People who don’t normally advertise are enticed because it’s just five dollars to start. However, when Google adds $500 on their credit cards each couple of weeks and they’ve not made any money, the real-world reality sets in. It’s not as simple as they imagined or believed it could be.

It’s not difficult for Google to be blamed. However, the bulk of the blame should be borne by the advertisers. A majority of advertisers using Google AdWords do not have any idea of the things they’re doing. They’ve read an ebook on how to earn money using Google AdWords and immediately think that they’re ready to take on the world.

It’s not easy to do, folks. It is still necessary to be able to comprehend the basics of advertising to make it work using Google AdWords or any type of advertisement for that matter. It is essential to learn first.

The most effective way to learn is to read “real” advertising books like “Scientific Advertising,” by Claude Hopkins and “How To Write A Good Advertisement,” by Victor Schwab and “Advertising Secrets Of The Written Word,” written by Joseph Sugarman.